Barry Hughes - Independent Producer

Editing / Post

Not only can I offer you the best in production services, I can do the same for editing and post production.

It has become increasingly more important to collaborate at an early stage with editors and on-line artists. Getting a picture of the complete project from start to end, removes many time consuming and costly barriers. 

With that in mind, I have teamed up with a very experienced editor that I have been working with for many years, and a post production expert with access to the best talent available.

Our editor, Gigi, operates from her suite  in Central London, or remotely where and when needed. Often editing on set, giving instant solutions to any complex edit issues.  

The post offering is headed up by a team with more than two decades of experience at post houses in London, NY, LA, Paris and beyond. With a team of technicians and artists at our disposal, situated all around the world, working remotely under our direction. Not only is this a very cost effective route, but also means multiple people in multiple time zones can be working on the same project, creating a 24 hour round the clock service.