About us

Stable was formed in 2013, being a restructuring and rebranding of Therapy Films. Since then, Stable have been involved with many successful and award winning campaigns across multi platforms. Our production expertise covers commercials, documentaries, short and long form content, feature films, music videos, stills campaigns and experiential events, worldwide. With a close-knit team of vastly experienced producers and a thoughtfully formed roster of talented directors and creatives, we work with you to bring your stories to the screen. 

We have directors based all around the world, and work alongside some of the best freelancers in the industry. We have line producers and production managers in most countries, negating the need for service companies, meaning tighter and more efficient productions and budget handling.

We now operate remotely, giving us more freedom and vastly less overheads. We can therefore be more cost effective and flexible. We have resisted the urge to represent a huge roster, or spread ourselves too thinly. We remain focused on the people we truly believe in and our continued philosophy to find and nurture emerging talent.

We can work with you in many different ways, whichever way works best for you. If you have an idea we can help bring it to life, and if you have a brief we can turn it into an idea, a film, a campaign or an event. We would be very happy to assist and collaborate through the process at every stage. We have the conviction that all great communication starts with a great story, irrespective of what it’s called, how long it is, how much it costs or where it is seen.

We continue our unwavering pursuit of excellence in creative craft, as well as our renowned dedication to production integrity.